You might be curious about the latest social media platform that’s receiving all the buzz and how it could be helpful to your business. You might be looking for ways to improve your Facebook fan page engagement or how to discover the best Instagram hashtags to use, how to use Google Plus to improve your search results or how to organize your Twitter followers better. You might be working to build a solid content plan or social media posting schedule, and want some advice on your approach.

No matter if you’re in need of social media “best practices” training or simply have a list of social media strategy questions you want help answering, our hourly social media consulting service is the perfect solution for you. Your consulting time is yours to use however you’d like. We set a date, you bring your questions, and we’ll provide the guidance and answers you are looking for.

If social media in general or a specific social media platform is completely new to you and you fear you don’t know which questions to ask – don’t worry! We will lead your training step by step to ensure we cover all the bases. For clients who understand the basics but need to dig deeper for social media strategy and planning help, we’ll run the consulting session Q&A style so you are free to ask whatever you want about whatever platform you’d like.

Consulting sessions are purchased in either 30 or 60 minute blocks of time.

Consulting appointments can be made for day, evening or weekend time slots.

This is one of our most popular services as our clients like to know they have a trusted resource to turn to on an “as needed’ basis. 

Interested? Or just curious to learn more about how online marketing tactics can benefit your small business? Give us a call at 901-496-3902 or fill out this contact form below! We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

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