How to Make your Website Address Visible on your Fan Page

Just like “smart” website design includes ensuring your site is easily navigable for your customers, building your Facebook fan page should follow that same rule.

One key piece of information about your business that can be included on your fan page but is frequently left off is your website URL. By adding your website address to your fan page’s About section, it is displayed on your fan page, and easily seen and accessible for your fans.


Your About field is also the only provided field that is shown on your fan page without requiring a Facebook user to click to read more. This is an important point because any extra “work” a customer or potential customer needs to make – even something as little as a mouse click – greatly decreases the likelihood the information located behind that “work” will be accessed.

Adding your Website URL to your Facebook Fan Page About Section

To add your website URL to your Facebook fan page About section, click to Edit that description field and type your website address. 


Please note: The number of characters in the About field exceeds the number of characters shown when viewing your fan page. So after adding your website URL to your About field, save your changes and take a look at your fan page to be sure your URL is visible. If it isn’t, simply re-edit your About field to either decrease the number of characters used or to relocate your website URL to the beginning of the About field vs. the end of the About field.

What if I Have a Place?

The exception to this fan page tip are those locations that have a physical location for their businesses. In that case, the Facebook fan page displays the business categories, physical address, hours of operation and phone number.

Adding your business’ web address to the About section of your Facebook fan page is a quick and easy change that can drive pageviews to your site.


  1. Tonya

    Didn’t even know my url wasn’t displayed on my Facebook page. It is now!! Thank you.

  2. Lacey Patrick

    I have another question: How can/remove I hide the URL?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Lacey,

      If you delete your website address from the website field, it will no longer show. If you are an Admin of the page, you can edit the Page Info section of the About section. That’s where you’ll find the website field.



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