Sharing a Google+ Circle

Google allows you to share your Circles with other Google Plus users. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to connect with an existing group of people who all share your same interest or are just getting started on Google Plus yourself.

How to Share a Google Plus Circle

From your Google Plus profile, navigate to the Circle you want to share with another user and click on it. Once clicked, you’ll be given 3 options – to edit the Circle, share the Circle or delete the Circle. The icon showing a circle with 2 arrows is the “share the Circle” button. Click on it.


Next, you can enter 1 or more Google Plus users you want to share your Circle with. Click the green “Share” button when ready.


The person you shared your Circle with will receive a notification.


The recipient of your Circle sharing can choose to accept that shared Circle “as is”, or add those connections to one of their existing Circles. Click the blue “Create or Add to Circles” button when ready.


The “sharing” of social connections is pretty unique to Google Plus. At least in the way Google has the process set up.

Acquiring a shared Circle is a great way to locate and connect with a targeted group of users in a very short period of time.


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