In response to the uproar surrounding Facebook’s change to its EdgeRank algorithm in September, further choking the reach of the typical fan page, there seems to be a new feature or two that has surfaced.

Fan Page Notifications

As straight-forward as it sounds, you can opt to be notified each time certain fan pages have posted updates. Hovering over the “Liked” button on any given fan page will now reveal this option.


Fan page notifications can seem redundant since you told Facebook you cared enough about a page back when you LIKE-d it. Plus, it’s unclear how tolerant users will be of constant notifications, and you would need to educate your fans about this new feature to have any hope of it making a difference. But this is the first sign of Facebook attempting to improve the experience of fan page admins.

Pages Feed

Lisa D Jenkins wrote a post about a feature she’s seeing on her page, but very few others are. She’s seeing a “Pages Feed” in her left sidebar, and when clicking on it, Lisa’s able to see status updates posted by all the fan pages she follows. Check out Lisa’s post for more information.

Facebook has a long way to go if it wants to win back the hearts of the business owners currently managing fan pages. Let’s hope notifications and Pages feed is a start to beneficial improvements for all.

As a user, do you want to be receiving notifications of updates from your favorite fan pages?

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