Often, I encounter people who are looking to expand their businesses. However, they often don’t want to take the time to manage a social media presence or even establish a website. They ask “Why would anyone really use social media for business?“. This question is posed both by those who use social media for business and those who do not.

Here’s the thing: having a website is now a bare minimum for your business. Managing a business without a website is like managing a business without having a phone number. Potential customers want a place online to get more information about your business, your services and ways to contact you. It is a hub of information about your business and gives you credibility in the marketplace. Your website is an alternative to your brick and mortar store – a way for potential customers to learn more about your company from their own home.

So, great, maybe a website can be useful. But why would you really want to get your business on social media? The answer to this is deceptively simple: because your customers are already talking about you on social media. They expect you to have a presence there and whether or not you do, they will be talking about you as though you are. Being on social media allows you to interact with them, understand which products and services they love and handle any customer service issues they may have in order to build loyalty.

While having an internet presence can seem like a time intensive endeavor, it is also an excellent tool and a necessary one in this day and age. The bottom line is: your website and social media profiles are the new address and phone number. They are essential ways for your customers to contact you.


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