Are you concerned about your decreased Facebook fan page reach and want to see how much of an issue fans “hiding” your posts is? A few simple steps to dig into your Facebook Insights, and you can check to see – on a post by post basis – which updates (if any) were hidden, and how many times.

3 Steps to See if your Fan Page Updates have been Hidden

  1. From your Admin panel, click the “See All” link in the Insights section.
  2. While viewing the “Overview” tab, scroll down to the “Page Posts” section.
  3. Clicking on the number shown in the “Engaged Users” column of each posted update will reveal a graph like the one seen above. If at least 1 person hid that update, you’ll see the notation in grey at the bottom.

Hovering on the question mark after “feedback” will reveal this explanation:

People who hid your post or gave it negative feedback in their news feed.

It can be helpful to spot any trends among the posts that have at least 1 “hide”. For example, do “hides” seem to occur with a similar type of post? With similar content? Do most of your “hides” happen with paid posts?

Learning more about what doesn’t work for your brand can be just as important as knowing what does.

What causes you to hide a status update that was posted by a fan page you LIKE?

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