For most social media platforms, there are numerous tracking and reporting tools you can use to understand more about your followers. For Instagram, one of the easiest measurement tools you can use is Instafollow.

Instafollow is a downloadable app (for Apple and Android) that provides a quick dashboard of your following and follower stats. At a glance you can see not only your following and follower numbers but also New Followers, users who have unfollowed you, those who are not following back and those you are not following.


I am admittedly stingy with my Instagram follows, so the numbers I saw were not particularly shocking to me. I was a bit surprised to see that only 5 of the people I follow do not follow me back as I’d expected this number to be higher.


Ironically, of the five people I follow who do not follow me back, I know four of them in real life and the last is a global brand. This means the strangers I follow are more likely to follow me back than friends. Perhaps I could have lived without this knowledge.

For brands looking to grow their presence on Instagram, this tool can be key. You can easily identify new followers and determine who you should be following back. More importantly, you can also understand if certain types of content encourage users to unfollow you.

Having a reporting mechanism on this juggernaut of a platform is key to making sure you are using this social media platform wisely.

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