All of us are looking for fast, easy-to-use tools to help us maximize and improve our social media profiles and presence. Some popular tool options that we love include Who.Unfollowed.Me, ManageFlitter, The Twit Cleaner and EdgeRank Checker.

After reading this post, you may want to add LikeAlyzer to that list, too. Within seconds of entering your Facebook fan page URL into LikeAlyzer, you are presented with a one-page analysis and overall score, your fan page’s engagement level, and a few suggestions for improvement.


LikeAlyzer reviews your username, website and About fields, and your number of milestones. It calculates your average post length, number of posts per day, your post types, and the optimal time of day and type of updates your fans react to.

LikeAlyzer criticized us for not using enough emoticons (not really something “bad”, in my opinion) and for not asking fans to “LIKE” our updates frequently enough.


You’ll notice that if you check in with LikeAlyzer just a few days after your initial assessment, your report will change somewhat. Keep in mind this is a fast and free overview tool, and not a deeply analytical research report you’ll want to use to plan your entire content strategy around.

We like LikeAlyzer best for the calculation of average post length and mix of update types, and thoughts on the time and type of updates that seem to work well. Also, it’s a great benchmarking tool to use. If you have a couple of competitors that appear to have very engaged audiences on their fan pages, running a report on their fan page URLs might show you how their mix of update type, update length or number of posts per day is a lot different than yours.

There is no 1 magic analysis tool that will provide you with all that you need. But it’s always a good idea to try out the tools available and choose a few that work well for you and your business.

What are your favorite tools for improving your social media efforts?

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