How to Transfer Ownership of a Google Plus Page

On Google Plus, you can have multiple Page Managers but only 1 Page Owner. Whomever created the Google Plus page will be its first Owner, but there are reasons why ownership may need to be turned over as time goes by, including the desire to have a different email address connected as the Owner of that Google Plus business page or because of changes in employees or employee roles.

In order to transfer ownership of a Google Plus business page, the email account you’d like to become Owner must first be a Page Manager.

(If you need it, check out our post on how to add a user as a Page Manager of your Google Plus business page.)

A user needs to have been a Page Manager for at least 2 weeks before s/he can become the Owner.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Google Plus Business Page

1. From your Google Plus Page slide-out menu, click on “Settings” (gear icon) at the bottom of the list.


2. On the next screen, click on the “Managers” tab at the top.


3. You’ll now be shown the Page Owner and current Manager(s). Click on the down arrow beneath the current Manager you want to transfer ownership to.


A “transfer ownership” option will appear.


4. You’ll need to confirm the fact that you do want to transfer ownership.


The transfer of ownership is pretty much instant. The previous Owner will automatically be included as a Manager on the Page unless and until that person is removed as Manager by the Page Owner.


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