You may have heard the recent buzz around the newest social media platform, Snapchat. Snapchat is an app that allows you to send real time messages to friends. You can send both photos and text.

I bet you’re thinking: so what?

The big “so what” is that these messages disappear in ten seconds or less.

Snapchat allows you to take photos. You can then add text or draw on the photos. From there, you can determine how long you’d like the message to appear for. The timeframe is 10 seconds or less.



Once messages have been sent, you can refer back to see the messages that have been sent to you. If you haven’t viewed them for your fully allotted time, you can view them again. This means if the sender has set a message time at 10 seconds, you could choose to view it 5 separate times for 2 seconds a piece (if you wanted).


Snapchat will also notify you if the receiver of your message captured it with a screen shot.

Snapchat isn’t necessarily a platform designed for business use, but it is important to understand what’s currently “hot” in the app and social media world. Especially since this is currently the platform of choice for teenagers.

Do you think Snapchat has a future for brand marketing?

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