Your Curated Awesome for 7.26.13

social media marketingLessons from Steve Jobs, how to attain true happiness, and a Facebook-to-Pinterest revolution are 3 of the stories in this week’s article roundup!

  • 6 Unique Ways to be Successful and Happy Because in order to be successful in our lives, our relationships and with our goals, we need to first focus on ourselves. This is a great reality check list of sorts to help each of us refocus on what’s truly important.
  • 10 Lessons from Steve Jobs that Every Marketer Must Learn Considered one of the most brilliant, out-of-the-box thinkers of our time, all of us in the business world can benefit from taking a page (or 10) from Steve Job’s playbook.
  • Fans have Gravity: Why Customer Acquisition isn’t your Best Marketing Bet This read will likely rearrange your thinking a bit about growth for your business and the best way to achieve that additional level of success. More isn’t necessarily better, and this will have you thinking about ways to strengthen your existing customer relationships instead of putting effort into acquiring brand new customers.
  • Everything You Need to Know about the New +1 on GooglePlus Since before its inception, there has been a ridiculous amount of doubt, disbelief and flat-out hatin’ regarding Google Plus. Sure, there have been feature and functionality improvements along the way, but the recent changes in +1s are pretty significant and provide a direct connection between all the +1s you’ve been giving and how they work in the larger scheme of things.
  • How to Easily Add Facebook Posts to Pinterest If you are an avid pinner, you’ve no doubt attempted to pin a Facebook status update to one of your Pinterest boards and failed. But now you can! And this post will show you how.


  1. Mack Collier

    Liz thanks for the mention, have a great day!

    • Admin

      You’re welcome! You are one of the few reads that come to my inbox. Great stuff, Mack!


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