Your Curated Awesome for 7.12.13

small-business-social-media-consultingSo far, July 2013 has proven to be a significant month in the birth – and death – of social media tools (R.I.P. Google Reader, Hello Facebook Graph Search!). This week’s social media round-up is heavy on the Google side of things, but also includes some revealing psychology and customer service automation scoop you don’t want to miss!

  • How I Got 10,000 Google Plus Followers Jimmie is a personal friend, but I chose this post because Jimmie’s achieved something great and she lays out all the steps you need to also become a Google Plus rock star.
  • How Facebook LIKEs Reveal your most Intimate Secrets No, this isn’t about all the crazy and sometimes-inappropriate things the new Graph Search will uncover. But rather, it’s a profile of sorts on people’s intelligence, age, satisfaction with life and such, all based on their LIKEs. An intriguing read, for sure.
  • The Simple Cure for Google Algorithm Update Anxiety The best news? Is that if you aren’t trying to trick Google, you have no reason to be worried! Hooray! Google continues to find ways to sniff out all the black hat SEO games some people play. But if you write for human readers instead of bots, avoid black hat SEO trickery, and focus on publishing original, quality content, you’re golden.
  • 12 Google Reader Alternatives to Consider If you were an avid Google Reader user and want the skinny on your RSS options without having to sign up and try each one out for yourself, check out Kristi Hines’ summary.
  • Bank of America Bot Cares about You This is an (lengthy and embarrasing) example of why you can’t count on automation to handle your customer service issues for you. Sentiment is one of the TOUGHEST things to track on social media, and I’ve yet to find someone or some business who has created a way to do this as effectively and correctly as a human can. Some things just can’t be turned over to technology.



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