Your Curated Awesome for 8.30.13

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday everyone! I’m pleased to say, we’ve made it through another week. It was a largely productive and exciting week – a long time client of ours even asked us to post a photo of her new baby to her business page! You can’t get more exciting than that.

  1. Facebook “Illegal” Contests are Now Mostly OK In news that angered everyone who has been managing their social media presence according to the rules (or perhaps that’s just me), Facebook has changed their terms. Contests that were previously not allowed are now considered ok. That means, if you’ve been following the rules, you’re now way behind on fan page likes. But, hey, at least your page didn’t get deleted before they made this change. Thanks, Facebook.
  2. How a Search Engine Saved My Daughter’s Life This article makes some great points on what it takes for your site to rank high in a search that is actually relevant to your customer. SEO is important but it starts with content that is helpful to your target audience.
  3. Buffer Expands Service to Google+ By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the awesome service that is Buffer. Buffer now allows you to post to your Google+ page as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and more. This is a great time management tool and one we can’t recommend highly enough. In fact, we’ve already started buffering things to our Eli Rose G+ page.
  4. Four Unconventional Roads to the Corner Office While this article focuses on those who want to achieve C-Suite positions in major firms, it can apply to any of us. Suggestions like traveling, learning another language, being yourself and seeking out speaking opportunities can help anyone improve their business skills – and their life.
  5. A Menu of Options for Making Small Talk If you are like me and can struggle with starting a conversation with people you’re not familiar with, this is a great list of ways to make small talk. While my business partner could effectively talk to a brick wall, this is a great cheat sheet for those of us who can carry a conversation but don’t know how to start one.

Have you read anything great this week? Or done anything great? Leave us a comment to let us know – we’d love to hear what moves you.


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