Your Curated Awesome for 10.11.13

small-business-social-media-consultingLet’s dive right into some of my favorite stories on the web this week.

  1. What Breaking Bad Teaches Us About Story Telling I can’t be the only one out there jonesing for Breaking Bad. What Breaking Bad teaches us about story telling is pretty powerful as it is one of the few shows out there that did more than keep viewers engaged through the entire series. In fact, it built engagement over time while others tend to flag after many seasons. What can you learn about story telling from this show? (And feel free to send me an email to discuss how you felt about the series finale).
  1. Why No One Follows You On Twitter While we talk a lot about social media best practices on this site, we still regularly encounter people who are confused as to why no one follows them on Twitter. I agree with all but one of these points. Can you guess which one doesn’t sit well with me? (Hint: my number of tweets may be a giveaway)
  1. 3 Modern SEO Tactics Every CIO Should Know In this day and age, SEO is a must if you want your website to get any traffic. Simply setting up a website will not generate users. This is not the Field of Dreams. If you build it, they may not come. So, be sure that everyone in your organization has a basic understanding of these three SEO tips.
  1. The Pursuit of Happiness Makes Life Shallow It seems trite to say but the truth is this: we cannot live a happy life without living a life of meaning. This means that simply lounging around all the time makes none of us happier. How are you giving meaning to your life and your business?
  1. Seven Tips to Overcome Procrastination Now To that last point, procrastination is often what keeps us from accomplishing minor tasks – or even giving our lives meaning. Building in some basic tricks to help yourself overcome procrastination is key to success.

Also, because I love you, here’s a link to some spooky vodka that’s perfect for the fall season. Be sure to bring it to your Halloween soiree.


  1. Amanda Austin

    Clicking on that last one right now….it’s professional development, not procrastination. 🙂

    • KLZ

      That is exactly right.


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