small-business-social-media-consultingThis Friday, we’ve got some news on Twitter and a whole slew of links that relate to how I want to live my life. In short, I want to be awesome by getting extra sleep and some down time. What lets you be awesome?

  1. Twitter Allows DMs from any User In a move that seems directly related to its IPO, Twitter now allows you to receive Direct Messages (DMs) from any user. Relax! For now, at least, this option is completely on an opt-in basis. We’ll see if that lasts.
  2. Twitter DMs no longer allowing links? When any new technology is released, there’s bound to be some bugginess (yes, that’s a word. It means the tech has bugs.) So this news that Twitter DMs are no longer allowing links could be a move to combat spam or it could be a bug in their new code. What do you think?
  3. Introvert’s Guide to Business Travel As an introvert, I often find myself exhausted by small talk. I love meeting new people and the interesting perspectives they have to offer but am completely drained at the end of a conference. These tips for weathering business travel seemed both helpful and achievable.
  4. Permission to be Awesome On any given day, we can choose to be crabby or we can choose to be awesome instead. How are you making an impact on the lives of those around you?
  5. Huge, Hidden Benefits of an Extra Hour of Sleep I’m tired of being busy and overtired. It seems like it’s been a battle for years now to get everything done and not feel like a zombie. At my husband’s suggestion, I’ve spent the last week going to be earlier (which means giving up some non-essential to-dos) and I feel GREAT. Which made me feel very smug when reading this article about the benefits of getting an extra hour of sleep. Now, to keep it up.

One Additional Link:

Things You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone at Work I found this article interesting because I adamantly don’t agree with some of these points. While I think professionalism needs to be a mainstay of the work place, I also think we all need to be able to be human. Balance and tolerance are key on all sides. What do you think? Am I wrong here?

Happy Friday Folks! If you’ve read anything great this week, pass it along and it may be featured in a future round up.

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