Your Curated Awesome for 11.1.13


As of today, there are exactly 2 months left in 2013.

While you wrap your mind around that as you unwrap another Fun Size Snickers, check out these 6 recent social media & business reads.

How to Keep SomeEcards from Coming After You This post from last spring was making the rounds again this week. SomeEcards has Terms of Use, and those terms are violated many more times than followed.

Attention Companies: Using Social Media Does NOT Make You Social This was one of those posts where you find yourself nodding at the screen (while periodically yelling, “YES!”, at your laptop screen).

Instagram Ad Rollout Begins: What You Need to Know Ads on Instagram are here, but for big brands only right now. This will give you an idea of what promoted photos will look like. I’d guess – with Christmas around the corner – you’ll be seeing these sooner rather than later in your feed.

Starbucks Launches Tweet-A-Coffee I’ll be honest; I experienced difficulties getting this to work, and with @TweetACoffee bot activity afterwards. *BUT* this is Starbucks we’re talking about and the idea behind this initiative is a great one. Promise me you’ll let me know if you achieve success. Maybe even tweet ME a coffee?

How Wearable Technology has Changed the Halloween Costume Game So at this point, you have 364 days until this becomes relevant again. But a cool read nonetheless.

EXTRA CREDIT: Louis C.K. Just Made the Only Banner Ad I’ve Clicked this Year I’m fully aware that comic Louis C.K. is not for everyone. But he tickles the fancies of both myself and Kristin. He’s already taken a unique approach to selling, and now has taken on the banner ad world, too.

Now continue indulging your candy craving, and save me a bag of Skittles.


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