Your Curated Awesome for 11.8.13

small-business-social-media-consultingIt’s November folks. I don’t know what that means for you but here it means an increased amount of things that simply MUST be done. Some are extremely satisfying but it’s a lot to fit into a little time.

  1. Facebook Q3 Earnings These 35 facts about Facebook were extremely enlightening. Especially important to me was the fact that 48% of users access Facebook ONLY through mobile. How does this change your holiday marketing strategy?
  2. Things Entrepreneurs Don’t Do I think that at this time of year, with things as hectic as they are, many people may be considering their employment situations and pondering whether they should make the move out of corporate America. So, in case this is you, here’s a peak at entrepreneurship. I think this article is a little over the top. Being a “great entrepreneur” is a very subjective term. So while this article makes some great points, let’s look at a counter article.
  3. 9 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur ROCKS This one is a little more realistic. Although I think the truth of being an entrepreneur is somewhere in the middle. Sure, I work weekends and every single holiday but I also have the flexibility to take my kids to story time. Whatever your
  4. Painful Facts About Shared Work Liz and I are lucky that we work well together and can divvy things up as needed. This isn’t always the case with shared workloads. These facts about shared workload help explain why you may not be doing as much work as you think you are. They may even help ease some resentment about housework. (Really, ask yourself, who does the most housework in your house. Chances are every single one of us thinks it’s us.)
  5. 17 Daily Affirmations for Managers Now, I’m all for being inspired but I find 17 daily affirmations to be a little much. Let’s all pick a word or a phrase that helps us get through the holiday season in a productive and sanity preserving manner and throw the rest of our “must do” list out the window.

That’s a wrap folks! If you’ve read anything great this week please forward it along and maybe it will be featured in a future round up.


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