Your Curated Awesome for 12.13.13

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday everyone! Let’s get cracking since we all have lots of things on our holiday to do list.

Here are some great things to read this weekend:

  1. Signs You Need to Unplug from Your Phone Uh, I can relate to a lot of these items. I bet you can too. Shouldn’t our phones be helping us, not ruling our lives?
  2. Restaurant Gives 50% Discount if You Turn Off Your Phone Speaking of which, wouldn’t you like to get half off your restaurant bill AND disengage from your phone? I wish every restaurant did this because I could use the time away from my phone AND twice the trips to restaurants.
  3. 10 Recent Facebook Changes You May Have Missed Facebook has been quietly making changes to its user interface. Check to see if there’s anything exciting you’ve missed. I’m personally loving the update to the Facebook scheduling update.
  4. Wireless Carriers Engage in Slapfight on Twitter This is hilarious. Remember that even if you’re a national wireless carrier, you can still act like a child on Twitter. And people will see it. And that doesn’t always mean good things for you.
  5. The Disease of Perpetual Motion I post a lot in these round ups about finding balance and making things work in your life with less stress. But I have a confession: I have a two sided list of things that must get done in December not including any work for this business, regular tasks like bill paying or down time. I’ve been on the perpetual motion machine – I must keep going or fail the list. Frankly, as much as I’m accomplishing, I’m more stressed than ever. It may be time to put the list away.

So, make sure to get away from your To Do list this weekend. It’s hard to do in this busy holiday season but it is well worth it. At least, I’m pretty sure it is. I’ll let you know.

Did you read anything great this week? Let us know and it may be featured in a future round up.


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