Your Curated Awesome for 1.31.14

small-business-social-media-consultingBig things are happening this weekend, people! The Broncos are playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, and Phil is going to tell us how much longer this polar vortex will last!

While we’re waiting on our chili to cook, and a rat to be lifted to the heavens by men wearing top hats and tuxedos, let’s catch up on some really good reads.

“This is Who We Are”: Why Aerie Stopped Retouching the Models in its Ads This qualifies as a Win for humanity. (And this win has additional PR benefits, to boot.)

How to Use your Email Database for Targeted Facebook Audiences A great tutorial about creating custom audiences to use in your Facebook advertising by using your email list.

Facebook to Allow Page Admins to Comment on Public Reviews of their Pages for Places If you have claimed your FourSquare or Yelp listings for your business, you know you have the ability to respond to reviews your business receives. Soon Facebook will allow this same response functionality for public reviews left on your Facebook page.

Arby’s Slayed the Grammys with this Tweet about Pharrell William’s Hat Arby’s won the internet with this response. I hope someone in their social media department earned an extra large roast beef sandwich with a bucket of curly fries for this creativity.

arbys-grammy-pharrell-twitter-tweetPuppy Bowl 2014 This is the 10th year for this epically adorable event! The puppies playing in the bowl are all up for adoption through different agencies across the country. @MeepTheBird will be tweeting from the sidelines. I really love how a worthwhile cause has creatively leveraged this annual sporting event.



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