small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday everyone. February is my least favorite month because it’s gray and has been cold for so very long. As a result, I thought we’d look at some fun things to round up this week.

  1. Lean-In Stock Photos Want to Change the Way We Look at Women So many of these photos are amazing and inspiring. Women in charge of their own lives is incredibly important for all of us to see, especially when we’re inundated with photo shopped images. Can you guess which little girl makes me the happiest? More importantly, would you use these stock photos as part of your business?
  2. Facebook Changed the World Facebook can often annoy me with what I see to be inconsistencies in its product. That said this FREE product has undeniably changed the way the world works.
  3. Facebook Look Back: Walter White Facebook turned 10 recently and launched videos for each user detailing their history with Facebook. This compilation of what Walter White’s Look Back might have looked like slays me. You’ve got to love that pizza toss.
  4. Make the World More Awesome with Kid President Let’s all make the world more awesome this weekend. Kid President has more great advice for how to do so.
  5. How to Make Decisions If you’re like me you sometimes spend time debating between two decisions (i.e. carpet or laminate?). This video aims to help you make decisions more quickly so you waste less time being indecisive.

Have you read anything great this week? If so, share it and it might be featured in a future Curated Awesome.

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