Your Curated Awesome for 2.7.14

small-business-social-media-consultingWe recently heard from a groundhog who is rumored to predict the weather – do you think this means the Polar Vortex will actually be leaving soon?

While we all try to stay warm – we’re eating lots of chili in my house to do so – take some time to read this awesome content.

  1. 5 More Facebook Tips to Keep You Safe Let’s face it – Facebook and Google both know way more about you than you think they do. They can then share that information with others. It’s so crucial to know what people can see about you and manage their access. In addition to affecting college admissions, job opportunities and social relationships, this can be an out and out safety issue.
  2. 10 Startup Secrets a VC wishes he knew as an Entrepreneur Just starting your business? These insights can help guide you through some of your hardest decision makings processes. Ultimately, no entrepreneur knows everything. Take time to learn lessons from others rather than learning them the hard way.
  3. Why So Many Successful Tech Founders are Jerks This is an interesting read about how even those who like Steve Jobs are known for inspiring people can have true dark sides. Do you think it’s possible to be a wildly successful entrepreneur and still be kind?
  4. Bezos sends single character emails In that vein, Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame can send his entire organization into a frenzy by sending emails with a single character. I often joke that most of the CEOs I know tend to send extremely brief emails – but none of them rival Bezos’ single character style.
  5. 10 People Not Impressed with the Coke Ad I think we should all live our lives with one single goal in mind: not to end up in a mocking Buzzfeed article. So, let’s do ourselves a favor and go ahead and do some fact checking before we start our outraged tweeting. You’re entitled to have any opinion you’d like about Coke’s ad but please be aware that “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem. Facts: please use them.

Happy Friday folks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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