Your Curated Awesome for 3.21.14

small-business-social-media-consultingWhew! It’s Friday again. I don’t know about you but we sure got a lot done this week. Hopefully we’ll all get some rest and some beautiful weather this weekend.

Without further ado, here are some of the best things we’ve read this week:

  1. 8 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Brains Technology is changing in leaps and bounds – and our brains are changing with it. For instance, did you know before color TV we used to dream in black and white? That’s amazing!
  2. Facebook Pages Redesign Puts Emphasis back on Newsfeed There’s a big redesign coming for Facebook pages which supposedly helps put the emphasis back on Newsfeed content. I’m skeptical that this is going to have positive effects on business pages but we shall have to see.
  3. Simplifying is Painful True success often depends on focus and prioritizing. Having a chaotic life full of conflicting demands does not allow you to give time to the things that need it. Ultimately, simplifying is painful but necessary. If it’s easy, you’re probably not doing it right (or you got really good at outsourcing).
  4. Embrace Bossy There’s a big campaign going on now to Ban Bossy. There’s an equally big movement talking about how banning words is not effective. This provides an interesting perspective on the whole matter. Maybe we should all embrace bossy instead. Do it. That’s an order.
  5. If Google Was a Guy This one’s just fun. Watch this short video of what it would be like if Google were just one guy for a hearty Friday laugh.

That’s all she wrote folks! Have a great weekend and let us know if you read anything great this week so we can feature it in an upcoming Curated Awesome.


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