Your Curated Awesome for 3.28.14

small-business-social-media-consultingWe’re going to go easy on you this week with *just* 4 reads. It’s spring break season after all.

Here’s this Friday’s Curated Awesome.

This InstaGrandma Single-Handedly Justifies the Existence of Social Media At 80 years old and after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, this grandma joined Instagram. Next, hilarity, awesomeness, and loads of wonderful memories ensued.

5 Ways to Ease the Facebook Page Organic Reach Blues The one tip I’d give in addition to the 5 given here is to post photo albums. They seem to garner more interaction and can help your Reach overall.

Why Likability Matters More at Work It’s no shocker that those who get along with others and are generally likable will go farther in their workplace. But this article takes a look at the impacts of social media and video conferencing, and how likability trends shift between that and in-person presentations.

Google Places Dashboard Updates I love it when a plan comes together. Seeing Google+ finally sync up well with Google+ Local pages is a beautiful thing. If you have a local listing, be sure to read through this post and see all the helpful new features available for your business.


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