March Madness and Creative Marketing

march-madness-creative-marketing-for-businessesMarch Madness is huge, no one can deny that. In fact, it’s reported that employee productivity takes a noticeable nosedive while the tournament is underway.

This year, we’ve noticed that a number of brands have adapted this tournament model to their business. Say Yes to the Dress hosted a wedding dress tournament on their Facebook page. My local library created a March Madness style tournament to determine the Most Valuable Book.

This type of creative marketing technique can be a boon to your business. In fact, this tactic leverages a successful model while building engagement and awareness of the types of products and services you offer.

How can you use creative marketing techniques to highlight your products while leveraging existing crazes? Memes, annual events and more can be more than just “push” marketing. In fact, you can get your customers engaged through these types of techniques using gamification. Gamification is the  idea that you can create a game to encourage people to give you their opinion and keep coming back for more.

Are you more likely to engage with a brand if there’s a game or “hook” involved with their marketing strategy?


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