Your Curated Awesome for 3.7.14 (aka Liz’s Birthday Weekend)

small-business-social-media-consultingWelcome to another installment of Curated Awesome. We’re getting ready for an awesome month. March is a sign that Spring is almost here (we hope) and also the month many of our employees celebrate their birthdays.

In fact, Liz Jostes celebrates her birthday this weekend! To wish Liz a Happy Birthday, let’s make this week especially awesome!

  1. Oscars Selfie is Most Retweeted Ever Ellen DeGeneres had a stroke of promotional genius when she gathered up every star in arm’s reach and tweeted a photo. Perhaps the most important thing she did? Was to tell everyone she wanted to break the record for most retweets. She did this in less than an hour – I’d argue that this may not have happened at all if she hadn’t included a stellar call to action. To celebrate breaking the record, Ellen and Samsung donated a hefty sum to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  2. 3 Reasons Not to Work with a Prospect In the new year, we’re all trying to build business. However, we spend a lot of time pitching people who may not actually be ready to take the plunge. These 3 reasons not to work with a prospect can help you save time and sanity.
  3. 7 Reasons You Will Never Do Anything Amazing I’ll admit: sometimes worrying what others will think can hold me back. I’m willing to bet we’re all guilty of at least one of the things on this list. While I’d contend we can STILL do things that are amazing, this list may help you pinpoint what obstacles you’ll have to overcome to do them.
  4. What Bosses Should Never Ask Employees to Do If you’re like me, you need to eat regularly and you hate being forced to be jovial – so karaoke with coworkers but no food is a dicey prospect. Understanding these things can help you better engage with your employees and coworkers – and potentially even a prospect or two.
  5. Daughter’s Facebook Post Costs Father $80,000 Not only is the Internet in ink – it’s also public. Even when you post to your friends, you cannot control who they share the status with either on or offline. If something is supposed to be a secret, you should always, always keep it off the Internet.

That’s it! If you’ve read anything great this week, let us know and it may be shared in an upcoming installation of curated awesome.


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