Your Curated Awesome for 4.25.14

small-business-social-media-consultingWe’re closing out the month of April with 5 awesome social media reads.

How Hotel Social Media Goes From Online to Offline If you’ve wondered how to accomplish this for your own business, take a read. Lots of great ideas that you can translate into your marketing strategy.

Duane Reade’s Social Media Mistake Might Cost Them $6 Million Why you can’t simply use a celeb’s photo to promote your brand. Even if they are walking in public, carrying bags with your logo on it.

When ‘Liking’ a Brand Voids your Right to Sue A lesson in terms of service, privacy policy updates, and why you may want to clean out your Likes list.

How a Middle-aged IT Guy from Peoria Tweeted His Way Into a Writing Job for Late Night with Seth Meyers Being funny on Twitter may get you listed by a prominent TV personality, then pulled in for an interview, forever changing your life.

NYPD Twitter #myNYPD Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong The most recent incident where a celebrity or brand’s effort to capitalize on a hashtag has blown up in their face. Let’s face it: Unless you are a children’s charity or trying to help homeless, mistreated dogs and cats a la Sarah McLaughlin, you probably can’t pull this off.


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