Your Curated Awesome for 4.11.14


As crazy as it is to say, I think this Friday may be the one and only Friday of the year that people don’t really look forward to.

If you have yet to complete your taxes, we’ll be thinking about you this weekend.

Before you log in to Turbo Tax, click through and read these 5 awesome articles.

A Lot of Top Journalists Don’t Look at Traffic Numbers. Here’s Why. It’s a sad thought that quality journalism has fallen by the wayside, in favor of scandalous, attention-grabbing (and often misleading) headlines. This article may restore a bit of hope for you. Fingers crossed that more online publications follow suit.

Facebook Pages Without Direct Message Button Get 5X More Wall Posts With all due respect to SocialBakers, I find this headline to misleading. Then for SocialBakers to go so far as to say turning off your direct message button is a “best practice” is something that any consumer behaviorist would have to disagree with (Side note: Having an open wall is wise; turning off your private message feature is not). As a business owner, you need to always keep your customers’ perspectives in mind with all you do. So, sure, cutting off 1 method of correspondence *forces* anyone who wants to contact you to post on your wall, but that is definitely causing at least some people to avoid reaching out to you at all.

One Way to Future-Proof your SEO Avoiding the SEO games and writing for people (and not bots) is and has always been the best and safest way to go with your SEO.

The FTC Requires Disclosures when a Shopper must Share a Post to Enter a Contest An official ruling by the FTC has major implications for a popular social media contest technique we see quite often.

Your Best Mentor isn’t always the Most Successful Guy in the Room I really appreciated this practical, logical advice about how to choose the best mentor for you and your stage of the entrepreneurial game.


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