Your Curated Awesome for 5.23.14

small-business-social-media-consultingThis time of year is one of transition. The school year is soon coming to a close (we’re out for the summer as of TODAY), and we all shift towards our summer schedule with vacations, sunshine, and lots of time spent outdoors.

Stay connected to the latest scoop is more challenging this time of year. Which makes reading your weekly Curated Awesome *that* much more important.

For #HashtagHotel, Twitter Account Goes Private, Trends Nationally in 15 Minutes  To achieve massive Twitter success, perhaps the trick is to privatize the account during a big event? Cool case study here with lots of food for thought.

Charles Bukowski’s Top 10 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life Unfortunately, “drink more wine while watching HGTV marathons” didn’t make the list. But still, some very good stuff here.

Anna Holmes on how Unconventional Career Moves can Save You We work with a lot of entrepreneurs. And we can tell you first hand it takes a lot of guts to take the chance to pave your own way. Doing so might be the greatest chance you ever take in life.

LinkedIn Will Now Rank your Profile Based on Popularity LinkedIn? High School called. They want their cool kids popularity rankings back!

New Facebook Feature is a Friendly Reminder that your Smart Phone can Eavesdrop on You It’s a feature you supposedly need to turn on for the eavesdropping to occur. Either way, still not cool, Zuck.



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