Your Curated Awesome for 5.9.14

Internet lies, hashtags, and getting in trouble with the FTC. All part of this week’s Curated Awesome!


An Open Letter to your Unreadable Hashtag Yes, this means you. The one who uses 14 hashtags on 1 Instagram photo, each with at least 47 characters to it.

They Feel ‘Blessed’: Blessed Becomes a Popular Hashtag on Social Media If you’ve ever noticed people post on social media about being #blessed to get a new car or #blessed be on vacation, this read is for you.

Why You Should Forget Facebook This is something we’ve talked about here before, and how Facebook has really become more of a digital billboard than anything else. This article from Jeff Bullas gives a great recap of how Facebook evolved to today’s (terrible) format, and why we all really need to put our time, focus and money into other platforms (and our own website).

Snapchat Settles Charges with the FTC that It Deceived Users Anyone owning a smart phone or who is even fairly savvy with a laptop could tell you that Snapchat’s promise that snaps would disappear could tell you there was no way, no how that was true. The FTC agreed, and Snapchat got in trouble.

The Biggest Lies on the Internet  In what may be a Curated Awesome first, this article is actually a chart shared via Instagram. But – quick – before you click, what’s your guess about the #1 biggest lie?


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