Your Curated Awesome for 5.30.14

small-business-social-media-consultingWelcome to Friday everyone! It’s been a lovely short holiday week. If you’re like most of the people we know, you’ve had a hard time just remembering what day it is all week. So, read the below to catch up on some of the more interesting happenings on the Internet this week.

  • Facebook Changed Their Algorithm (Again) In a not so shocking move, Facebook has tweaked their algorithm again. In theory, it should ensure that we all see fewer Candy Crush updates from our friends. Here’s what your brand needs to know about the new algorithm.
  • Could Quitting Facebook be a Mistake Many people and brands are shutting down their Facebook accounts lately. However, there are reasons that this can be a mistake for either type of account. Everything in moderation, I suppose.
  • 12 Stages of Burnout With Summer getting into full swing, it can be easy to find yourself trying to do it all in a short period of time. However, May is a tough month for many, with frantic deadlines coupled with school year-end. Coming off this tough month, be sure you’re on the lookout for signs of burnout and that you take pains to avoid them. Get some sleep.
  • Coke Designs “Friendly” BottleCoca Cola has found a way to make even every day, in person interactions more social. Tell me their ads don’t knock it out of the park more often than not.
  • Celebrities Give Too Much Advice In a refreshing turn of events, Mindy Kaling gave a speech at Harvard and let people know that celebrities give too much advice. With celebrities getting any number of endorsements with little background on the product – and people listening to them! – it’s nice to hear one admit that people should be listening to those who are educated in their field.

Have you read anything great this week? Pass it along, even if you’ve written it yourself, and we may feature it in a future Curated Awesome. Happy weekend everyone!


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