Your Curated Awesome for 6.6.14

small-business-social-media-consultingEmotional highs and lows, plus viral sensationalism are all wrapped up in a lovely bow in this week’s Curated Awesome. Check it out!

8 Simple Tips to Siphon SEO Value from Google+ Tip #5 is so valuable it was repeated as Tip #6.

Social Media Lessons from a Happy Meal I wonder how some of the first (terrifying) versions of Ronald McDonald would have fared on social media considering the social media response to the new googly-eyed Happy Meal.

Huge Set of Social Media Help and Reference Links All the Help Forums in the world just aren’t enough sometimes. And these online giants like Facebook and Twitter can be next to impossible to contact for support. This is a guide you’ll want to pin for later reference.

Sad Men: How Advertisers are Selling with Emotion Generating heart string tugs and teary eyes from ads is the new black.

13 Lessons from Upworthy and Buzzfeed: Viral Content’s Secret Sauce Who wouldn’t love to be the next viral sensation? These lucky 13 tips will get you on your way.


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