Your Curated Awesome for 6.27.14

small-business-social-media-consultingToday is the last Friday before the Fourth of July and I’m already counting down the days until fireworks.

In the meantime, let’s read through some awesome social media and small business content. Preferably while laying by the pool.

  1. How to Use Selfies to Sell Selfies are often mocked. However, they can be a big driver for your business. Here’s how selfies can help your customer connect with you.
  2. How Big Brands Keep Their Users Engaged Big brands (many of them at least) know that engagement is where it’s at. If you’ve ever wondered how they keep people engaged, this read is for you.
  3. 20 Good Reasons Your Brand Should be on Google+ I love Google+ a little more every day. Let’s all get on there and start hanging out together.
  4. 12 Myths That Lead to a Busy, Unfulfilling Life I’ll admit I saw myself in some of these. Let’s stop telling ourselves these things now.
  5. Facebook Launches Snapchat Competitor This is basically terrible news for all of humanity. We don’t need more Snapchats. We don’t even need the one we have. Learn your lesson now: even if things disappear from your phone, people can take screenshots before they do. Things that are sent magically from one device to another typically need to get stored on a server somewhere. Nothing really “disappears” forever. Don’t get burned.

Happy Friday. Let’s all enjoy our last weekend before July. (How is it July next week?)


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