I Don’t Like Facebook. That Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Useful (Sometimes)

love-facebook-hate-facebookI’ve been known to get up on my high horse about how Facebook isn’t doing right by small businesses. It’s no secret I loathe the Facebook pages manager app. Even for personal use, I wish Facebook would stop choosing what I want to see and trying to bully me into telling them where I live.

However, there are certain people and businesses that can benefit greatly from Facebook. We’ve worked with a clothing retailers who sell tons of merchandise through Facebook posts. Authors for whom Facebook is their number one referrer.

This is not the case for all small business, but it is true for a handful of our clients.

If you have a consumer product that people are likely to buy without extended consideration, you may be able to see a direct correlation to sales from your Facebook page. That means, if you have a gorgeous pair of earring (or shoes, or a book, or handmade notecards, etc.) people may see it, love it, click on it and buy.

For most other types of businesses, though, Facebook is an engagement tool, a way to build your reputation and showcase your brand. It’s a digital billboard of sorts. Billboards, both printed and digital, have value to businesses. That does not mean they should be your sole source of marketing or advertising.

Increasingly, we’re encouraging clients, both B2C and B2B to value their presence on Google+, Pinterest and Twitter at least as much as their Facebook page. These platforms can be the right fit for many businesses. In fact, I know plenty of people for whom G+ is their number one source of website referrals.

So, I’m not saying everyone should drop Facebook. It’s useful sometimes, even though I don’t always love their strategy. In fact, some businesses may see incredible benefits to being on Facebook. I’m just saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.Take the time to figure out which platforms work best for you and your business. Then, focus your time there (or outsource social media responsibilities).

You don’t have to be everywhere to be successful.

You may find that Google+ is what helps your business most. You may even find that despite decreased page reach, Facebook is useful to you. That’s all ok.

Just be sure you find out what works for you – then do it.


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