Your Curated Awesome for 8.22.14

small-business-social-media-consultingSince Liz was an overachiever last week and gave you six links, I seriously considered just providing four to even things out. But then, I just can’t resist sharing this awesome with you.

1. Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Works Yes, you may be tired of seeing these videos. Yes, people should donate to good causes without needing to dump water on themselves. Yes, this is maybe the most brilliant non-profit marketing campaign ever.
2. Sharks Threaten Google’s Internet I miss Shark Week as much as the next person but this story almost makes up for it. It also goes to show, sharks will eat anything. (P.S. Have you seen Rob Lowe being the King of Summer?)
3. Twitter Takes Action Over Zelda Williams Harassment In the wake of her father’s passing, people began to harass Zelda Williams on Twitter (also known as being a jerk). Twitter took action. Good for them.
4. Poor Customer Service Costs More than You Think Poor customer service brings down more businesses than poor products. There is not one single doubt of this in my mind, even without data.
5. 6 Ways to Bring More Positivity into Your Life I’ll admit I’ve been having a bit of a crabby time lately. While I have some good reasons, I also need to be more mindful of positivity in my life. After all, crabbiness drives customers away.

Happy Friday!


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