Your Curated Awesome for 8.29.14


Before you head off into the sunset of this extended, holiday weekend, and begin feed your face full of BBQ, desserts, and other yummy goodness, check out the Good, Bad, and Funny in the social media world!

If Company Slogans were Honest I laughed out loud at most of these, but I think LinkedIn took the cake!

Breaking a “Pay It Forward” Chain Isn’t Being a Cheap Bastard. It’s Good Economics. I’ve never given any thought to the goods or bads of these viral coffee buying events, but now I’ll no longer tilt my head to the side and think, “Aw, that’s sweet!”

6 Ways your Brain Tries to Kill your Ideas and How To Fight Them It’s such a shame when our bodies turn against us!

10 Lessons Marketers can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge I’m pretty sure that now that Donald Trump has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge, everyone in America has done it, too. So what business tips can we glean from this amazingly viral sensation?

The Right Way to Repost Instagram Photos Until Instagram introduces the IG version of a Retweet…



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