Your Curated Awesome for 8.15.14


You can kind of consider this Curated Awesome to be the Back to School BONUS Edition!

This week, you get SIX awesome curated articles about social media and small business instead of 5!

Facebook Ads Become “Costlier” Choice for Small Businesses The good news is small business social media marketing firms like ours can help you create and manage your Facebook ads.

Facebook’s App Strategy is Bad News for Anyone who Uses Apps All the app privacy concerns aside, there are multiple reasons why Facebook’s handling of this business move are the opposite of wise.

Why an Active Blog is Necessary for a Successful SEO Initiative Obviously, we’re a big believer in the power of blogging for your business.

In a Hyper-Connected World, Trust is More Important than a Sale Mack is pretty no nonsense when it comes to business advice. His thoughts here are pretty spot on.

Facebook Bans Like-Gates, Everything You Need to Know in 30 Seconds In a move that seems to be a slap in the face for 3rd party apps like ShortStack, you can no longer force Facebook users to “like” your fan page before entering a contest or other giveaway.

20 Skills you Won’t Believe you can Endorse People for on LinkedIn These nonsense skills remind me of Klout’s topics, and how some humorously gamed that system to embarrass their friends.


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