Your Curated Awesome for 8.8.14

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday! In the last few weeks of summer, let’s take a little break to explore all the crazy, awesome things on the Internet.

  1. Hotel fines brides for negative Yelp reviews While this was not an awesome move for this hotel, I assure you it makes for some awesome reading. How this hotel thought this wouldn’t backfire on them in the digital age is beyond me.
  2. Your new LinkedIn profile makes you look awesome on mobile Great news for LinkedIn users, especially if you frequently network at conferences.
  3. The “boring” trait Google looks for in leaders Sign me up, Google! Do you have what it takes to become a leader at Google?
  4. Facebook is forcing you to talk to friends on its terms This is a decidedly not awesome terms of service agreement. But it’s awesome to be in the know about it before you download this app. Which I do not plan on doing.
  5. Twitter is getting close to adding purchases to its app This is awesome if you’re a consumer based business OR if you just want to buy things now with no hassle. How likely do you think you are to use this feature?

Did you read (or write) anything awesome this week? Let us know and it may be featured in a future curated awesome.

Happy weekend everyone! Let’s get out there and rock this summer like a hurricane.


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