Your Curated Awesome for 9.19.14

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday everyone! I’m so happy to see you all today. This is going to be a great round up.

  1. Everything that’s Wrong with Brand 9/11 Tweets We often see brands trying to be sympathetic in times of tragedy. At times, this is appropriate but if you’re offering a discount in honor of a tragedy….it may come off as inauthentic.
  2. Fake Names on Facebook Facebook makes it very clear that fake names are not allowed on their platform. Still, they’re having a lot of trouble cracking down on some offenders. This is a great article – with links to a few more great articles.
  3. Keynote Scarf Guy This cracked me up for no other reason than it constantly amazes me how quickly a parody twitter account is always made.
  4. Grandparents tag Grandmaster Flash on Facebook This is a fun read. Is it proof that Facebook does not offer the best user experience? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.
  5. Steve Jobs’ Best Productivity Tips Can’t we all make a little better use of our time? Here’s a great tip, to paraphrase Jobs: stop focusing on the junk. Focus on what matters.

Now, go on out and get yourself some pumpkins this weekend. It’s fall and time to celebrate!


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