Your Curated Awesome for 9.26.14

Food, Fridays, Facebook and Wi-Fi…this week’s Curated Awesome comin’ atchya!


13 Takeaways from Successful Food + Restaurant Facebook Pages People typically love food. And coffee. And alcohol. So it’s not surprise when we see restaurant fan pages doing better than the average fan page. Taking that one step further are these 13 fan pages seriously rockin’ the space.

5 Surprising Twitter Marketing Facts Who – or what – is responsible for the creation of the hashtag? Learn this and more in this short slide show of Twitter facts.

How to Get More People at your Non-Profit Event Using Facebook These tips are relevant to small businesses, too.

Hilarious Wi-Fi Wars This will either make you wish you had neighbors with intriguing Wi-Fi network names, or that you had a good come back to your neighbors poking fun at your Wi-Fi network name.

7 Super Efficient Ways to Jump Start your Morning Watch this now, then apply your new tricks on Monday morning.



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