Your Curated Awesome for 9.5.14

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday! Short holiday weeks always seem to fly by – even with the jam packed schedules they often include. Hopefully, this weekend is full of relaxation for you and yours. But, until then, some wonderful things on the Internet this week.

  1. How to Remove Fake Facebook Fans Once upon a time, did you buy Facebook fans hoping to extend your reach only to find out they were fake profiles? Here’s how to remove those fans from your page so that your actual fans see your updates.
  2. Your Facebook “Friend” May Be the FBI Speaking of fake profiles on Facebook, do you really know who all your friends are? Make sure you don’t approve people you don’t know…for many reasons.
  3. One Etsy Seller Does this Every Month While this list is specific to Etsy sellers, there are many items on it that are good business practices for all small business owners. What do you do every month?
  4. Google Ends Authorship for Search Results And the Internet weeps. Or, content creators on the Internet, at least.
  5. Last Week Tonight: Native Advertising For those of you who spend any amount of time reading things on the Internet (i.e. all of you) it’s really important to understand what Native Advertising is. It’s getting increasingly hard to distinguish news from ads these days. Know the difference.

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend and let us know if you read anything great on the Internet this week. It may be featured in a future Curated Awesome.


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