One of the most frustrating parts of the Facebook user experience for both individuals and business owners is the inconsistency with existing Facebook features and functionality. At the top of that list is the ability to tag another Facebook Business Page in your post. I remember back when you HAD to first “like” a Facebook Business Page either as yourself or as your Page in order to be able to tag that business page in a status update. Even though that requirement went away some time ago, simply having “liked” a Business Page doesn’t guarantee the ability to tag that Business Page when you want to. Here are 5 things to try when you can’t tag a Facebook Business Page in your post.

Grrr! I'm having trouble tagging a Facebook Business Page!

5 Things to Try when you Can’t Tag a Facebook Business Page in your Facebook Post

  • Get off your smart phone It doesn’t matter if you “like” the Business Page you want to tag or not. Tagging another Page on Facebook can be finicky on mobile. When in doubt, get off your phone.
  • Check for a Vanity URL/Page Username It can be difficult – although not impossible – to tag a Facebook Business Page that has not set up its Vanity URL (aka username). I recommend visiting the Facebook Page you are having a problem tagging to see what their URL structure is like (this can only be seen on desktop). Alternately, you can see if a username is listed on the Business Page. If there’s a username, you’ll see it beneath the profile photo on desktop, and it will resemble a Twitter handle (@username). At this time, there’s no good way to find a Business Page’s username on the Facebook mobile app. To increase your chances of tagging success, make sure you have liked the Page as the Facebook identity you are trying to tag as, and then type the exact name (in this case, begin with the “The”).


    TIP: If the Facebook Page URL contains dashes and ends with a bunch of numbers, it does not have a vanity URL.

  • Type the words of the URL and *Not* the Facebook Business Page Name There are several ways to approach the selection of your Facebook Username. You might want it to match the other social media usernames that you have, or you may include important keywords in your Vanity URL/Username in order to aid in search. Reasons like these can mean a Business Page’s URL is different than the display name showing beneath the cover photo. If you aren’t having any luck locating the Business Page you want to tag by typing the Page name, check the Business Page URL and enter those words instead.
  • S-l-o-w-l-y type your Page’s username This seems to help locate the proper name for Pages that are new, smaller in size, and/or have a lot of other, larger Pages with the same initial letters in their username. Sometimes it’s a matter of popularity of a word you are typing since Facebook only pre-populates a small number of Pages that match what you’ve entered so far.
  • Rearrange the Order of the Words in the Vanity URL This one might seem a bit strange, but this technique is something I’ve had to use repeatedly because of a popular local attraction. I can’t say why this occurs; perhaps it’s a result of a Facebook Page with an existing Vanity URL, having requested a new URL, or the consolidation of multiple Pages into one. No matter the reason, this used to be the case with our local zoo’s Facebook Page. If I want to successfully tag the Memphis Zoo, I need to type, “Zoo Memphis”. The official Memphis Zoo Facebook Page has over 160,000 Likes. You’ll notice that a different Business Page – Memphis Zoo Park – with the zoo’s logo and only 97 Likes shows up when attempting to tag “Memphis Zoo”. change-order-of-fan-page-name-to-tagcant-find-fan-page-in-drop-down-list

NOTE 1: In early November 2019, many Facebook users began running into problems tagging Facebook Business Pages that they used to be able to tag without issue, or began to hear from their clients and fans that they weren’t able to tag those Business Pages in their own posts anymore. While Facebook has made no official mention of why this is happening to some Pages, this tagging problem began immediately following Facebook’s removal of the grey verification check mark from Business Pages at the very end of October 2019. Since Facebook has a long history of “breaking” existing functionality when making “improvements” + the timing of these 2 things, I have to guess that they are related.

It’s also important to point out that the ability to tag Business Pages has not been removed entirely; it’s just that some Pages are having this issue. 

NOTE 2: Facebook introduced the option for Business Pages to disable the ability for other Pages and users to tag their Business Page in a post. If this is the case with a Business Page you are trying to tag, what you’ll experience is successfully tagging the Page when your post is in Draft form – including seeing the Page name highlighted in blue – but once the post is published, the tag disappears. Unfortunately, since this is a feature controlled by Page admins, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Good luck and happy tagging!


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