Your Curated Awesome for 1.23.15

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Happy Friday! Let’s all grab a slice of pizza and take a look at some truly awesome articles.

  1. Facebook’s Got Us on Lockdown Scary news: looks like most of us are not deleting our Facebook profiles anytime soon even though we often feel worse after scrolling through our feeds. I’ll admit, I’ll check in more than I like to admit even though much of the “news” frustrates me.
  2. You are What You Like According to New Personality Test In even scarier news, it seems that an algorithm can determine your personality – including whether you’re depressed – better than your friends and family can. All it needs is access to your Facebook likes.
  3. Your New Smart Phone Could Charge in Two Minutes As a person who hates upgrading their phone, I can tell you that a two minute charge would make me look forward to the process much more.
  4. Instagram Golden Globe Photos – How to Make it Successful This is a really great way to make taking photos fun. Instagram photos are best when they show a unique moment (and aren’t blurry).
  5. Why’d You Post That? Speaking of ways to make Instagram a success, this was a clever SNL sketch about Instagrams that seem…unnecessary…at best.

Also, this has nothing to do with online marketing but here are 18 Things You May Not Know About Parks and Recreation. We really love this show and we want you to share in our joy.


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