How to Add a New Admin to your Facebook Ads Account

Granting and accepting access to social media accounts is part of the daily social media and online marketing grind. Perhaps you forgot your account password, received a notification that you need to first confirm (or later, re-confirm) an account, or have someone else helping you with your social media activity, analytics reporting, or business blog. It’s essential that you have current and back-up email addresses, phone numbers, and usernames and passwords in place and lined up so you and your staff or vendors can access all the accounts they need to in order to perform their jobs.

How to Add a New Admin to your Facebook Ads Account

On Facebook, there are two kinds of Administrators: Business Page Admins and Ads Account Admins. Business Page Admins are invited by an existing Page admin to post on and manage a Page, via the Page’s admin panel. Ads Account Administrators, however, have been granted the ability to charge the credit card you have on file when setting up and running Facebook Ads on your business’ behalf. This access is granted via the Settings section of Ads Manager.

Here are the 3 steps you need to follow in order to grant someone else the ability to charge your credit card when they set up a Facebook ad for your fan page.

How to Add an Ads Account Admin to your Facebook Advertising Account

1. Visit your Ads Manager account. Click on Ads Manager in the top left corner to reveal the initial drop down menu of choices. When you hover over the blue “All Tools” link, the full set of navigation choices will appear. If you haven’t already added a valid credit card number, you should first visit Billing & Payment Methods. If you have, skip ahead to Step 2.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.05.20 PM



2. From Ads Manager –> All Tools, click on Ad Account Settings. This is where you add others to your Ads account. Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.07.21 PM



3. Scroll down beneath the Account Information section, to the Ad Account Roles section. You are shown as the Account Owner. In order to add an additional Ads Account Admin, click to Add a User.

Click to Add Ads Account Admin to your Facebook Account

Type the name or email address of the person you are adding as an Ads Account Admin in the field.

Add new Facebook Ads Account user

Select the type of Ad Account Advertiser from the menu.

Select Ads Account User Type from the Drop Down

After adding, both the Fan Page owner and the new Ads Account Admin are visible in this section.

New Facebook Ads Account Admin Added


The newly added Ads Account Admin will receive an email notifying them that they have been granted access to your advertising account.

Confirmation of Facebook Ads Account access granted


Now you’re set!


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