How to Upload a PDF to WordPress

If your website is built on WordPress, and you think you are limited to uploading images only, think again! Your WordPress site is an excellent location to host PDF content such as ebooks or other downloadable documents that you’d use in your marketing campaigns.

Making valuable content available for download is a popular method for increasing your number of email subscribers, growing your Facebook fan count, and as part of a lead generation campaign.

How to Upload a PDF to WordPress

How to Upload a PDF to WordPress {Quick Tip}

1. After signing in to your WordPress dashboard, visit your WordPress Media Library. Click to Add New. Navigate to your .pdf file, and select to upload.

Uploading a PDF to your WordPress Library

2. Click on your newly-uploaded .pdf file. Add any additional description text you’d like. Then copy the direct link to your uploaded file. This is the URL where your PDF is hosted and can be accessed for future downloads.

Uploaded PDF file location on your WordPress website

Add a title and description to your uploaded PDF

3. Create a new blog post or email, depending on where you want to make this downloadable file available, and paste the direct link to your .pdf file.

Add a link to your WordPress-hosted PDF

4. Make sure you test out your new link to be sure it works and can be downloaded!

Access PDF hosted on your WordPress Site

Now you are ready for mass online distribution of your PDF.


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