Your Curated Awesome for 3.13.15

LogoRose2015-200x200It’s Friday the 13th (again!)

I blame February.

With some brief Googling, it looks like we won’t have another one until November of this year.

While you avoid black cats and ladders, let’s catch up on this week’s reads!

How to Discover Analytics with your Google+ Dashboard Google+ has this super cool dashboard for its business pages that offers oodles of analytic goodness on your Google+ business page plus other connected Google services.

Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband This is consumer behavior research on speed. After reading this, there is no surprise as to why Disney achieves a level of service and customer experience like no other.

Callr Releases a Mobile App to Make Conference Calls Less of a Hassle It probably seems like there is no way to improve on the conference call drudgery, yet Callr has found a way.

7 Hilarious Twitter Brand Fails Because Twitter Fails and Fridays just go so well together.

7 Stats you Should Know about Blogging in 2015 We have always encouraged our clients to blog. These (really cool) stats totally back that up, and prove with a few important numbers how businesses who blog make Google happy and make more sales.



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