Zoolander 2: How to Make an Entrance (or Launch a New Product)

Good news, lovers of humor: Zoolander 2 is going to premiere next year. The new film was announced by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson taking to the runway, in character, during Paris Fashion Week. Since then, I’ve heard it talked about on the radio, TV and excessively online.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.06.49 PM

There’s no denying this publicity stunt got people talking.

Often, our clients have fantastic new offerings. This is always an exciting time. However, sometimes they’re so busy launching the new offering that the launch plan gets a little fuzzy.

Simply throwing up a new webpage on your site is not enough to really drive sales (though it likely does need to be done).

Zoolander 2 Paris Fashion Week New Movie Announcement

3 Steps for Being as Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking as Zoolander

1. Use Multiple Marketing Tools, and Cohesively You don’t know which way your customers are most likely to come in contact with you. If you send out a direct mail flyer showcasing your new offering but don’t post a Facebook update, edit your website and all other online platforms, people may not realize that you added this service offering. In order to really get traction with a new offering, you need to be sure that no matter how someone comes in contact with you, they are in the know.

2. Implement and Update SEO Not everyone who might be interested in your new product or service offering is an existing client. There are people in your area likely searching for businesses like you right now. Make sure that you have great SEO so that they can find you in their search.

3. Spend a Little Money It didn’t cost nothing to get Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to Paris Fashion Week. However, it both gained attention and got people excited to see a film that’s more than a year away. It won’t hurt to put some money behind Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or a newsletter send or two in order to make sure that your new offering gets a wide reach.

Are you launching a new offering soon? We’d love to hear how you’re planing to spread the word.

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