Your Curated Awesome for 4.3.15

  • Timebook Last week, Facebook introduced its new feature “On This Day”. This week, Timehop responded. Touche, Timehop. Timehope-Facebook-Timebook
  • Lord & Taylor Instagram Campaign By creating a campaign with 50 popular fashionistas on Instagram, Lord & Taylor sold out one of their products in record time. Doing blogger or social media outreach can be time consuming but it can pay off in a big way.
  • Amazon’s Retail Vision Is Amazon poised to completely reimagine the way we shop – again. If you had to guess how they might reimagine retail, what would your fantasy store change?
  • SNL’s Answer to the Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign Good for a laugh. Sometimes, your campaign just doesn’t turn out the way you intended.
  • Busy is a Sickness I don’t like the “busy” word. We all need to cut it out. Being “busy” all the time creates a lot of work but rarely manifests itself in a real end product. In addition to this, we’re using “busy” as a reason to bail on the people we see in real life. It’s time to get back into living the life we want. Living with purpose.

Just for fun, here’s a nonsense quiz: Who said it – Kanye West or Jean Ralphio Saperstein? Also fun, a joke about SEO. Happy weekend!


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