Your Curated Awesome for 5.22.15


It’s Friday.

Schools are beginning to get out for summer (OK, maybe not by you yet. Hang in there a little longer.)

And it’s an extended weekend.

You are bound to miss out on some of the news making its way around the ‘net, so here’s your dose of Awesome.

Don’t Take a Picture on the Plane Until you Read this Story That Instagram you are dying to take, add a filter to, and post as you prepare to board your flight to your fabulous, far away destination could get you booted from said flight before entering the jetway.

The Coke Ad in Mad Men: What you Need to Know to Understand the Finale Of course Don Draper wrote the Coke commercial. It’s the best ad ever made, and he’s the most brilliant ad man to walk Madison Avenue.

Chili’s Spent $750,000 to Make their Hamburger Buns Instagram-Friendly Because instead of eating, we’re adding photo filters and sharing to at least 3 networks at once.

How to Make Crispy Sushi in a Waffle Iron, According to Instagram This is something I wish I was eating for dinner.


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