Your Curated Awesome for 5.8.15

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015This week has been one of those weeks Social Media Managers love! It began with #StarWarsDay, followed by #CincoDeMayo, and is ending with Mother’s Day weekend! It is also a big weekend for graduations.

If you’ve been so busy celebrating with lightsabers, margaritas, and mortarboards, now’s the perfect chance to catch up on the news from this week.

8 Ways Social Media can Impact your SEO Don’t let anyone tell you social media doesn’t help your SEO.

Facebook Tests giving Users More Control over their News Feeds…but it’s a Gamble This could be a wonderful improvement for people, and further devastation for brands. Though I’m skeptical Zuck will truly relinquish this amount of control to users.

A Simple 2-Step Exercise to Figuring Out what you are Really Good At An insightful read for the entrepreneurs (and entrepreneur hopefuls) out there.

19 Extremely Useful Tips to Manage Twitter Effectively Twitter can be a beast (if you allow it to be). Take control now so your Twitter feed doesn’t eat you alive.

Google+ goes after Pinterest with Collections Feature Google+ is being dismantled, they say. But it’s not (and never was) so it’s time to brush up on its newest offering: Collections.

And for some Friday Fun, did you hear about the criminal who “liked” his wanted picture on Facebook…and then got arrested?


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