Your Curated Awesome for 7.17.15

Happy middle of July! It’s time to get up and get awesome.

  1. 5 Things to do Monday Morning If like me, you feel 2015 is racing out the door even though it’s only July, it’s a good idea to get organized every Monday morning. Here are some great ways to help meet your goals each week.
  2. PrimeDay Fail Amazon boasted that Prime Day would beat Black Friday sales. Its Prime Members didn’t agree with that sentiment and took their beef to Twitter. #PrimeFail
  3. Phone Notifications Are Ruining Your Life Fact.
  4. Moneypenny Facebook Messenger may soon include a digital assistant service that would help you research services and products. I’ve always wanted someone to help me pick birthday gifts for my mom.
  5. Daniel Radcliffe is a Worse Receptionist than You Because it’s Friday and this is fun and I like you, here’s a fun clip. Proof no one knows how to transfer a call.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the summer sun. Catch you back online on Monday.


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